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A vision from dreams

Complete the Wedding Preparation with Less Time

You have said/heard your most important ‘yes’ during the proposal but are you ready for the most important ‘I do’? Here is your digital asistant for where to do the wedding and where to go for honeymoon! Well, it’s hard to dream maybe but you will find options better than a fairytale. Welcome to the wonderland of weddings and lovely, joyful and ofcourse romantic honeymoons. Wedding and Holidays are ready for planning. And you? Let’s get started!

Your ideal wedding destination and venues

Why Wedding and Holiday?

It contains the most,

- Romantic

- Best priced

- Experienced

wedding and honeymoon hotels.

Why Weddings in Turkey?

Turkey has the most beautiful,

- Nature

- Historical remains

- Best priced luxury hotels

together in one country around the world.

Pick your dream wedding venue

When picking a venue, it’s important to consider:

- Location

- Size

- Local attractions (for your honeymoon)